Mabbox-gl failed to work in docker container on AWS EC2

  • Hi There, we have a project which have following jsreport version:

    "jsreport": "^2.11.0",
    "jsreport-chrome-pdf": "=1.10.0",

    Which have same issue as the one reported here:
    What we have done here is using an override for the puppeteer:

    "overrides": {
        "jsreport": {
            "puppeteer": "=22.0.0"

    This approach works fine locally, but we decide to deploy this project to an docker container and hosted in AWS EC2 instance and the pdf generating for a chart using mapbox-gl now failing.

    we tried to build docker image and test it locally and using following config:

    'chrome-pdf': {
        'launchOptions': {
             'defaultViewport': null,
             'args': ['--no-sandbox', '--window-size=1800,1350', '--use-angle=swiftshader','--use-gl=angle','--in-process-gpu']
         'strategy': 'chrome-pool',
        'allowLocalFilesAccess': true,
        'numberOfWorkers': 3

    This makes it working in local docker container, but still not working in the EC2. Do you have any clue about this? Thanks in advanc!

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