Prevent non-admin users from creating new assets in the root folder

  • As an admin, I've created a new folder at the root called MDW. I created a folder inside that folder called Users. I created a new user in that folder and gave it both read and edit permissions on the parent MDW folder.

    If I login as that user, only the MDW folder appears as expected. However, I can create folders and other assets at the root level (same level as the MDW folder). How can I prevent a non-Global-admin user from creating new assets in the root folder? I don't see a way to edit the permissions for the root folder. Is this possible?


  • This is by design and there is no way to change it at this moment.

    However, I understand the requirement and created a backlog item that should help you.

    What do you think about it?

  • Just commented on the GitHub issue. Thanks for the quick response! Just so I can set my expectations... do you have any sort of timeframe on when this could be implemented?

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