I couldn't figure out how to do Authentication... (401 Unauthorized)

  • Hello guys, maybe my lack of experience is holding me back... but can anyone help me understand why I can't use the API? I'm trying to render my template by passing a Data.

    0_1720402309376_Captura de Tela 2024-07-07 às 22.30.39.png

    0_1720402437892_Captura de Tela 2024-07-07 às 22.32.41.png

    0_1720402582274_Captura de Tela 2024-07-07 às 22.34.35.png

  • Hmm, that is strange.
    Could you try to do a real API call? Tools such as postman often keep the authentication session in cookies so you could be authenticating through something other than it looks.

  • OK! I tried making a real API call, the result was the same.
    Would it really be like that?



  • You seem to use on the screen user admin which isn't part of your workspace.
    Could you try it with your login email? Does that work?

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