Error during rendering report: Asset <name> not found

  • I have a template which is rendering just fine so long as I don't have an #asset referenced. I want to include a stylesheet which I have already created under assets. To do this, I go into the asset and click the icon at the top which says "Copy the embedding code to clipboard". I then paste this inside <style></style> tags. The next time I try to render the report, I get the error "Error during rendering report: Asset <name> not found".

    This must be a bug on the platform. I've done the exact same thing with the exact same code locally and it's working fine.

    Is anybody else seeing the same thing?


  • Hi, expect you talk about the jsreportonline now.

    Are you sure the asset is saved?

    Do you use an extra user to render the report?
    Note if you use non-admin user for rendering, you need to also add permissions to the particular asset.

  • Ahhh, yes that's it. Apologies for the silly question, that's the reason and the solution.

    Love the product btw.

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