Querying templates by tag

  • Was curious if it's possible to use the odata api to query templates or other resources by associated tags.
    I was looking at the output of:


    Which does not appear to contain any reference to the associated tags, etc.


  • Hm. I am afraid our odata implementation doesn't support odata any.
    You need to do the filtering on the client. Is this a problem?
    The number of templates is usually not so huge. If you are worried about data transfer, do the first projections only to tags, filter, and then get the full templates.

  • Yes, trying to pull a list of templates from the client "tagged" with a particular tag, and filtering on the client will work just fine.
    I can make async calls and get what I need.
    The association you provide "select=tags" is what I was missing!

  • This post is deleted!

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