Possible way to freeze "import" like "edit" ?

  • Hi Jsreport team!

    Everything's in the title, now about the context:
    We do now have started deploying several instance of jsreport for each of our environments, (dev, preprod, prod).
    In order to avoid any mistaken edit on the prod instance, I did activate the freeze editoption which work like a charm!
    However, I did , for testing purpose, tried to reimport my templates, assets, etc... And it was succesfull, doesn't it kind of break the freeze edit purpose?

    Could it be that I'm missing some config parameters, or just that it is not possible?

    Thanks again for your help and the amazing work!! :D

  • Did the import actually change something?
    I see here in code we for some reason silent the rejected update and just log warning. In other words, the import can look like successful but it should not change anything.

  • Hi Jan,
    thanks for the quick reply, indeed no change were to be noted since i was reimporting the exact same same templates (like a simple export then reimport the exported file).
    I probably was expecting to get a message telling me I couldn't import since edit was locked.

    But then, I did some modification on several part:
    template => import didn't worked
    script => import didn't worked
    data => import DID worked
    assets => import DID worked

    Wich led me to try but I could easily edit assets and data with the freeze edit being active.

    This could be probably why I could get a successfull import message since it did partially succed?

  • Uh. I see.
    Working on fix...

  • Ok! Hope you won't have to much trouble like with that rancher story ^_^'

  • Please update the jsreport-freeze to the latest 1.1.0.
    You should not be able to import anything in the freeze mode now.

    The issue with missing information when importing in freeze mode will be solved later. You can subscribe here if you wish to be notified.

    Thank you for submitting these bugs.

  • Thanks a lot for the fix!
    Will proceed asap to the upgrade!

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