xlsxReplace put new value into wrong cell

  • Hi,

    I'd like to ask your help reagrding the xlsxReplace.
    There's an excel template in which I'd like to replace the "Date" cell. This cell is in the B3 position. (empty A3)
    If I run replce for the "worksheet.sheetData[0].row[1].c[0]" xmlPath, it removes the B3, but creates the A3 insted of it.

    How should I define the xmlPath to put the new value into B3?

    Thanks in advance,

  • I managed to find a workaround: if I specify the target cell directly, the new cell will be put into the right place:

    {{#xlsxReplace "xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml" "worksheet.sheetData[0].row[1].c[0]"}}
    <c t="inlineStr" r="B3"><is><t>Date: 2/9/2018</t></is></c>

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