problem to generate chart js chart to pdf by nodejs


    how can i true "wait for printing trigger:true"

    in my nodejs

            template: {
                content: fs.readFileSync('./emailtemplate.html').toString('utf8'),
                engine: 'handlebars',
                recipe: 'phantom-pdf',
                phantom: {
                    header: '<div style="float:right">Page {#pageNum} of {#numPages}</div>',
                    footer: "Rent Dues Report",
                    format: 'A4',
                    orientation: 'portrait',
                    footerHeight: '0.7cm',
                    headerHeight: '0.7cm',
                    margin: '0.5cm',

  • Use waitForJS:true instead of waitforprintingtrigger:true.
    When you are not sure, look to docs or use F12 tools how the request from studio/playground looks.

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