Js-report service kills itself after a few hours

  • Hi @administrators
    We are using community version which supports five templates. We Have noticed that our service after deployment to any server would stop automatically after a few hours. It does not show even when doing pm2 ls ,it does not show in the list.
    Any idea, on how does this service kills itself automatically.

  • jsreport doesn't have an intentional "self-kill" functionality.
    Please share the jsreport logs at first.

  • Hi Jan
    there are no error logs. Its just that after being deployed and when using 'pm2' to display services, it is displayed but after a few hours it is not visible when doing pm2 ls.

  • Hm. Does this happen for another simple node application to you?
    Do you have pm2 configured to run jsreport just as single instance? (jsreport with fs store shouldn't run in cluster)
    Try to find some pm2 logs if there is something there.

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