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  • Hi Jan...

    I'm a newbie to jsreport and just trying to get it fired up on my local windows 7 machine... The program is up and running and I'm trying to run the sample report, Orders... I'm getting this error: Unsupported module in scripts: http. To enable require on particular module, you need to update the configuration as {"scripts": { "allowedModules": ["http"] } } I found my prod.config.json file, added the value, and saved the file, but the error still occurs... Pls see uploaded 0_1491634611112_jsrpt.jpg screenshot... Can you get me sorted?

  • Hi Alec,

    1. make sure you restarted jsreport after editing config file
    2. make sure you actually edit the right config file. jsreport uses dev.config.json or prod.config.json based on the NODE_ENV environment variable. It is dev.config.json by default. You can see which config is used in the first line of jsreport output or log. You can see this information also in the browsers tab title.

  • Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the quick reply... It's working perfectly!


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