Where are reports stored?

  • I'm trying Jsreport with the mongodatastore

    Using the reports extensions, I can see that a reports collection is being created when I use the

    "options" : {
       "reports" : {"save": true}

    However this collection seems too small to hold the actual blob of the reports. It looks like:

    { "_id" : ObjectId("5af1d3c318479c00101efa72"), "recipe" : "phantom-pdf", "name" : "Orders", "fileExtension" : "pdf", "templateShortid" : "HJH11D83ce", "creationDate" : ISODate("2018-05-08T16:43:47.274Z"), "contentType" : "application/pdf", "blobName" : "5af1d3c318479c00101efa72.pdf" }

    Where is the blob of the report actually stored?

  • The reports are stored through blob storage abstraction. By default to file system data/storage.
    You can also configure jsreport to store blobs to the mongo gridFS

      "blobStorage": "gridFS"

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