Disable Scheduling Extension

  • Hi there,
    we're using jsreport's scheduling extension to create re-occurring rendering of our own created templates.

    Each time a schedule is triggered, the template is filled with data drawn from our external API and the report is finally sent by email using an afterRender script.

    Schedules are created via API with a post request on <SERVER_IP>/odata/schedules.

    JSReport is currently running in production mode on our main on-premise server and also in development mode on our backup server ensuring that our system is up and running at all times.

    Since JSReport saves schedules in memory (schedules, tasks files) we would like all schedules to be saved on the same (production) instance.

    Is there a way to configure the disabling of the scheduling extension along with the rejection of above API call so that we ensure that no schedules are ever created on the development JSReport instance?

    I found this thread about jsreport-freeze module, would the solution be as simple as installing the module and adding the freeze=true setting on schedules node in the config file?


  • Would it help fully disable scheduling extension through config?


      "extensions": {
        "scheduling": {
          "enabled": false

  • Exactly, I just wasn't looking at the right place, thanks a lot.

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