Template scripts: new Date().toLocaleDateString() not working properly

  • VERSION: jsreport.exe v.1.10

    I have the template and right below the template I'm having few scripts, e.g.

    function format_date(d) {
        if (!d) {
            return '';
        var options = { day: '2-digit', month: '2-digit' };
        return (new Date(d)).toLocaleDateString('en-AU', options);

    but this is giving me the incorrect locale string:

    Wednesday, February 28, 2018

    If I run exactly the same thing in my chrome browser or in the nodejs, with the full-icu package installed and with correct environment variable (NODE_ICU_DATA) I get:


    Which is correct.

    How can I get the full locale support available for the functions declared in the template? I reckon it's that snapshot of chrome you are packaging... Thanks for any help here.

    VERSION: jsreport (node) v.2.1
    In this version I'm getting a slightly better result, but still not right as the day should be first


  • The jsreport.exe is compiled with normal node without extra localization. I am not sure how the size would grow if we would compile the localization there.

    I believe we should get it running with full node and the arg NODE_ICU_DATA as you get it working in normal node.
    The problem could be that we fork extra process for templating engine evaluation and this process doesn't get the NODE_ICU_DATA propagated.
    Could you please try to change the config in v2 as this and try again with NODE_ICU_DATA set?

    "templatingEngines": {
        "timeout": 10000,
        "strategy": "in-process"

    This would make templating engines running in the same node process.
    I would try myself but wasn't able to quickly find that intl file, maybe you can link it here. Thanks.

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