Are there a selection of already-created report templates, especially containing infographics?

  • Is there a 'template repository' or some such, or do we need to create our own templates from scratch?
    If there isn't, I believe that having a selection of pre-created templates would make jsreport much more useful and save users a great deal of time. I've been looking at tools like infogram and piktochart and they have lovely already-created templates, but no way to programatically change the content. What I really want is a tool that has both: well-designed templates and reports (with infographics in our case) and also the ability to programatically control content. Hoping this already exists here...?


  • We are currently implementing new playground which will work more like codepen and we expect jsreport developers will create and share there many ready to be used templates. That should be live in the next weeks.

    However I am afraid there is nothing you search for at this moment.
    jsreport is for now targeting mainly developers.
    There are tons of existing charting libraries or html/css templates ready to be applied in jsreport.
    We keep it up to developers to find and apply lib/template they like.

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