jsreport kill functionality

  • Hi,

    I'm exploring creating a powershell / bash script I can use for deployment of jsreport. My concern is that I need to kill / stop any running instances of jsreport before I start the next deployment.

    On my machine (Windows 10) I have two powershell windows open to the same working directory. If I run jsreport start in one, and then jsreport kill in the other the kill output is that there is no active daemon process in this working directory (even though it is clearly running)

    Am I misunderstanding something?

  • You mean you run in one ps jsreport render --keepAlive ....
    and in second ps jsreport kill and doesn't kill the background process?
    Because that is what is kill about.

  • Apologies for not being clear - I'm running the webserver and thought jsreport kill would terminate it. Should I instead plan on terminating the process via windows?

  • jsreport kill doesn't kill web servers. It kills only background processes created using jsreport render --keepAlive

    I guess you should use a powershell cmdlet and kill jsreport.exe

  • Makes sense, thank you for clearing up the misconception of jsreport kill

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