Async report generation does not work, when requesting status always saying "Report is pending. Wait until 201 response status code"

  • Hi there,

    We are using async report api to generate the report and periodically fetch the status of the result, but when fetching the result, it said: "Report is pending, Wait until 201 response code" even in one day later after the report generation.

    We use following restful api to request the report generation:
    "engine": "handlebars",
    "recipe": "phantom-pdf",
    "content":"html template here",
    "phantom": {
    "margin": { "top": "0.45cm", "left": "0.5cm", "right": "0.5cm", "bottom": "0.9cm" },
    "format" : "A4",
    "header": "The header",
    "footer": "The footer",
    "headerHeight": "1.5cm",
    "footerHeight": "1cm",
    "options": {
    "timeout": 60000,
    "reports": {
    "save": true,
    "async": true

    **Once it had been done, it reported back a url to allow us fetch the report later (report id was modified): **
    Async rendering in progress. Use Location response header to check the current status. Check it
    <a href=''>here</a>

    But when we check that url in few hours even one day, it showed the following message asking us to wait endlessly:
    Report is pending. Wait until 201 response status code

    Could anyone please help? Thanks a lot!!


  • Unfortunately there is bug in current jsreportonline and async reports doesn't work there.
    We will make sure it works in the next release.
    You can subscribe here

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