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  • Hey There,

    I'm trying to run jsreport in an Azure Container Instance (jsreport:2.1.0-full) and after so many days i get the following error messages (See screenshot). The database is hosted in Azure SQL. I have previously run jsreport in a VM in Azure with the same database backend and haven't had any issues. Any ideas as to how I can to prevent this error in the future? I've been solving it by just restarting the container instance since it doesn't actually crash and autorestart. After this starts occuring, the jsreport server will no longer render reports for me. My best guess is that it has to do with inactivity perhaps? I.e. Azure SQL terminating connection?


    0_1532975963457_Containers_-_Microsoft_Azure.png image url)

  • It seems this error was fixed in the latest mssql driver

    we use it in our latest document store driver jsreport-mssql-store@1.2.0, unfortunately not yet in the official full jsreport docker image.

    I would recommend to build your own image for now.
    Another option. Try to disable the scheduling extension. I see the error comes from there, maybe it fails just there.

    { "extensions": { "scheduling": { "enabled": false } } }

    or using env variable extensions_scheduling_enabled=false

  • Sweet! I'm sure a lot of people will be happy about that bug being fixed in the node-mssql package. For now i'll give the env variable a shot. Thanks!

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