Retrieving reports with internal information

  • Hi,

    I am generating my reports by API request over a jsreport container with a mounted directory /jsreport-home/. I need to retrieve the generated pdf files stored in /jsreport-home/data/storage/ using a internal client id and a internal timestamp. I imagine this can be solved in two ways:

    • Edit the /jsreport-home/data/reports file on each report generation and introduce for each registry my internal information, then use this file as a directory to retrieve what I want.
      Problem: I don't know how to edit this file on each report generation.
    • Create a custom directory file which contain my internal information and the report id (or name), similar result as alternative 1.
      Problem: I need to obtain the report id (filename on storage) on the API request, and I dont know how.

    I prefer alternative 1 because it is more integrated with other jsreport functionalities.

    Any suggestion would be helpful.


    1. jsreport has some schema and editing the reports data file and adding new properties could corrupt it.

    2. I guess there is no way you could pair your "internal client id and internal timestamp" with the report id which you get back from jsreport API render call in your database ? When you would need the file you would look into your db and get the report identification based on your internal ids.

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