Duplicate emails

  • When using the service of sending emails of a pdf, it comes to me with a duplicate, that is, it is sent twice, and when making a different configuration, now it comes to me three times, it must be some configuration that is stored ... something like that...

    function afterRender(req, res, done) {
        var mailer = require("nodemailer");
        var smtpTransport = mailer.createTransport('smtps://jairo@midominio.co:password@smtp.midominio.com');
        var mail = {
            from: "Mi persona <miusuario@midominio.co>",
            to: "miusuario@gmail.com",
            subject: "Test from jsreport",
            text: "Esto es un test",
            html: "<b>Esto es un test, parte 2. Veamos si me voy mas de una vez</b>",
            attachments: [
                filename: 'Reporte - {{ client.name }}.pdf',
                content: new Buffer(res.content)
    smtpTransport.sendMail(mail, function(error, response){
            return done(error);
        return done();


  • I removed the Spanish from your post. Please don't use it on forum. I already mentioned it in your previous post. :)

  • thank you very much, I work perfect.

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