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  • Hi there,

    I am going to subscribe one of the jsreportonline plans, and noticed it says

    One report credit represents one second spent in the rendering container.

    However I have no idea about the container's performance. How many seconds it will be required to render a simple report (e.g. the Invoice report in the example)?

    I have subscribed a free plan, tried rendering the invoice report around 10 times in the past few hours, but the billing info always show $0/200. Not sure how frequently it is updated.

  • Hi,

    thank you for your interest in jsreportonline.

    You can run the report in studio with debug button and it will display how much time was used to process it.
    The studio display $0/200 because the preview request from studio are always free.
    The credits will get updated as soon you run the request through API.

  • Hi Jan,

    You are always so helpful :-) I got the figure in debug mode. It took around 1000ms to render the invoice report. Based on this figure we will be able to figure out which plan to use.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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