doubts on on-premise licenses

  • Hello jsreport Team,

    i have following two question.

    1. we are planned to buy the on-premise enterprise licenses and i have following doubts in it.
      we will install this in AWS, and when more numbers of request are called like cpu level goes behand 30% we wanted it to create a new instance.
      is it possible if we use enterprise licence?

    2. when i change some changes in configuration like changing username and password, which is hosted in AWS, the existing templates are deleting. currently we are not storing templates in any database. please let us know how change the configuration without loosing existing templates.

  • Hi,

    1. You should use rather the enterprise scale license in this case. It lets you to scale into infinity of servers with single license key without worrying how many instances you actual have running.

    2. The standard jsreport configuration uses file system based templates store and you should not lose your data after jsreport restart. Do you use jsreport installed from npm or downloaded executable file? Maybe you use the downloaded executable in which case you should call jsreport configure command at the beginning which helps you to create the correct configuration.

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