how to show the resluts in

  • hello jsreport team,

    i am calling the jsreports from the api call i got the result as shown below

    please let us know is this base64string, and how i could show the pdf in method.

    1 0 obj
    /Title (þÿ)
    /Creator (þÿ)
    /Producer (þÿQt 4.8.4 (C) 2011 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies))
    /CreationDate (D:20170427121949Z)

    3 0 obj............

    please let us know

  • hello jsreport team,

    currently we are using Crystal report in our current application for reporting functionalities. and we are developing a new version of our application and for this version i have suggested the management to use jsreports, so they have asked me to do some proof of concept and i have struck in this with the above said issue of handling pdf results. please some one help me on this.

  • You seems to be struggling with opening pdf rather than with jsreport. Please take a look on jsreport browser client which should do some work for you and help you with this.

  • thanks for your replay.

    our application was build using ReactJS and we are using 'superagent' to handle all our rest calls. please let us know how do i decode or parse the response from jsreport as base64string.

  • The library I mentioned will work also with React. Did you try it?

    Converting stream response into base64 is standard developer task not related to jsreport and I believe you should be able to handle it.
    Hint - we do it in the library also here

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