Phantomjs: Development Suspended?

  • I just came across this page whilst searching for information on Phantom-pdf which I understand from the help pages uses the phantomjs screen capture feature.

    The reports I've developed are using Chrome-pdf which looks great but I have noticed that the performance when I change to phantom-pdf is much quicker. Implementing it will require quite a bit of re-formatting so I'm wondering what the recommended advice would be about using phantom-pdf for the longer term based on the status of development of phantomjs.

  • Maybe you can try this advice to speed things up.
    However it significantly helps only for many small reports. Not for the big ones (> 5secs of single rendering).

    There is no rule of thumb. It is up to you.
    phantomjs has pros in small size and quite fast boot up compared to chrome.
    However its development is suspended and it also doesn't support the latest standards for html and css.
    That is why we provide chrome as the default and recommend to use it instead.
    However go ahead and use phantomjs if for you works better.

  • Good to know, thank you.

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