How to pass Total sum of dynamic row into userdefined function?

  • Hi, Is there any way to call user defined function from handlebars file in this way:

    r="I{{#sum data.length 30}}{{/sum}}" s="44" t="str"><f>{{#getAveragePercentage SUM(N29:N{{#sum data.hpmpsFutureFleetData.length 29}}{{/sum}})}}{{/getAveragePercentage}}</f></c>

    where getAveragePercentage is user defined function that is defined in helpers.js. Now, I want to calculate Total sum of dynamic rows and then I want to pass the result in my user defined function(getAveragePercentage). I wrote above syntax but it's giving me error. So please let me know what will be the correct syntax to write the above code?

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