jsreport online sign in dialog

  • i am new with jsreport and i was spent a lot of time to get a simple pdf by jsreport online api without success.
    when i call the api from my node server i got a sign in dialog and have not any way continue. (i tried entered my jsreport user name and password but it does not work)

    i will be happy to any help

  • Please try to share the code you use to call the jsreport API.

  • i tried with local sever or jsreport online
    in both options i get this problem.
    my code:
    var data = {
    template: { "shortid": "rkJTnK2ce" },
    data: { "aProperty": "value" }
    // var auth = base64('xxx');
    var options = {
    uri: 'http://localhost:5488/api/report',
    method: 'POST',
    json: data

  • Hm, that is incomplete. You are not setting the auth header. Try using jsreport remote client package.


  • i want the online version- to use from heroku app.- in cloud- how can i use client package?
    i tried use my code with auth but didnt find any example or full docs - how to do it

  • Does it work for you on local? I would start with that.
    Heroku should support custom npm packages so you should be able to roll the same app.

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