wkhtmltopdf different generation on different machines

  • Hi all !

    I'm using jsreport through nodejs and I've encountered a bug where the wkhtmltopdf recipe generate different PDF on Windows 10 & Windows 7.
    Here's my configuration:

    template: {
        content: template,
        engine: 'handlebars',
        recipe: 'wkhtmltopdf',
        wkhtmltopdf: {
            orientation: 'landscape',
            pageHeight: '297',
            pageWidth: '210',
            headerHeight: '0',
            marginBottom: '10',
            marginLeft: '10',
            marginRight: '10',
            marginTop: '10',
            disableSmartShrinking: true,
            toc: true

    Here are the differences:
    Windows 7:
    Windows 10:

    Does someone have an idea ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • i won't be super helpful here, but I would recommend searching wkhtmltopdf github issues.
    There are usually plenty of problems with some workarounds mentioned.

    This problem can have something to do with different dpi settings.

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