Is it possible to split templates into directories?

  • We've been using jsreport for awhile, and everybody loves it. Now we have close to a hundred reports, all smashed into a single directory. Is it possible to specify, for example, finance/Purchase Order or hr/Vacation Request? I see that I can configure the top directory from data to something else; but I can't find anything that would allow me to split templates or data underneath

  • Hi,

    nice! Glad to see jsreport in such use case.

    Structuring entities into directories is the most requested feature and we are just working on it.
    I believe we are done very soon. I hope max one month.

    Until then you can use jsreport tags to label the templates and then switch the jsreport studio tree display to structure entities using tags.

  • Thank you. That's what we are doing now. The mess is not as much in the studio; but in the version control / file explorer / etc. We can certainly wait a month :)

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