Values in Excel won't recognise the data.

  • @bjrmatos @jan_blaha
    Hi , there is a problem in excel detecting the values.
    i have a excel sheet and in the cell A3 i have giving the data using

    {{#xlsxReplace "xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml" "worksheet.sheetData[0].row[2].c[1]"}}
        <c t="inlineStr"><is><t>{{}}</t></is></c>

    And i have another cell B3 and changes based on the input of A3. (example if A3 cell empty B3 show empty or else data present).

    But i've noticed that when i download the excel through the JSReport server , when it is called. I'll get the data present in the Cell, but the cell B3 wont change even the data present in the cell A3 . I have to click on the cell A3 then press enter , then only the Cell B3 gets reflected.

    I have noticed this issue no matter its text or the numbers. Have to click on the call and enter , then only the cell gets recognised the value and changes it.

    Any ways to solve this issue.

  • @bjrmatos @jan_blaha Hi , i have found out that Xlsm which is a Excel which supports the macro can solve the above problem. But the JSReport won't support the xlsm file format. Any ways i can add the Xlsm . I have added the Xlsm but when it downloads it download s the Xlsx and ill get a error of File of different extension.

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