jsreport Contract Programming Support Sought

  • We are seeking a contractor to support development of jsReports. The current projects we need include 1) addition of header and footers to existing jsReports, 2) calling database informed jsReport templates from php or python scripts, 3) styling and creation of new jsReports based on mockups.

    If interested, please reply with an overview of experience, and we can go from there. Email me at bob@terradex.com

    This would hopefully be an ongoing relationship.

    We are a California-based environmental services company, and have a standalone jsreport server on AWS. The jsreport server integrates to our postgresql and LAMP instance. We also embed dynamically created static maps.

  • Hi Bob - Im curious if you ever found a contractor to help with jsreport. I'm also looking for contract help.

  • We ended up training a contractor who became quite proficient with the jsReport platform. You could reach out to Gerado Mathus - gerardo@nextia.mx .

  • Awesome, appreciate it.

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