Expensive Price

  • Hi all,

    This price is too expensive for startups, such as 1k or 2k report per month.
    Please give us a lower limit and monthly cheap prices or pay as as u go system on jsreport online.

    Cheap Plans:

    Plan Cretid Price
    Mini Plan 2k 5.99$
    Midi Plan 4k 11.98$
    Bronze Plan 10k 29.95$

    Pay as u go:
    0.002995$ per credit.


    billing history
    8.11.2018 06:25:33	990
    8.10.2018 06:25:32	1362
    8.09.2018 03:28:01	105
    8.08.2018 07:04:42	55
    8.07.2018 05:18:47	6
    8.06.2018 05:18:46	19
    8.05.2018 06:41:05	2
    8.04.2018 09:25:14	47

  • Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it as an option for the future.

  • @umutc why wouldn't you just buy an enterprise license? JsReport is hands down the most competitive reporting platform on the market. @jan_blaha major kudos! This is some of the best designed software I've worked with.

  • @jbzcooper because we are an startup, we don't have money and customer to buy enterprise license. as you see our monthly report capacity is 2k max.

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