License vs. Open Source?

  • I'm confused. The license for JSReport on Github ( is the LGPL, with amendments to specifically allow Combined Works. How does this jive with a license being required? If I include JSReport as the reporting engine of my application, do I need a license? I would estimate reporting would make up less than 20% of the functionality in my application.


  • Hi,

    you link license to the jsreport-core package. Which is really LGPL licensed. You can use it free of charge in combined works as the license states.

    However using jsreport-core repository/package typically requires some work to wire extensions together and that is why people often use jsreport package instead. That is ready for use and you can just npm install it and you are good to go. jsreport has however different licensing described here.

  • OK, that's along the lines of what I thought would be the case. Thanks.

  • Sorry, one more question. For a desktop application (via Electron), would that require an Enterprise or Enterprise Scale license? I would think the latter, but just wanted to check.


  • The same applies for electron regarding jsreport or jsreport-core packages.
    In case you want to use jsreport package and store internally more than 5 templates, you need to purchase the license.
    The enterprise license is bound to the jsreport instance so you would need extra license to every installation.
    Or buy single scale license which can be used on infinite amount of installations.

  • That's what I figured. We're going to start with just 3-4 templates while in development and for our beta. We'll introduce additional report templates before we launch so we'll upgrade to the Enterprise Scale license then.



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