Folders - transferring files from asset folder to sub folders.

  • Hi,

    Just updated to 2.3.0 locally. So grateful that you added the folders feature, thank you very much for that. I have a lot of files I'm trying to move into the folder structure. In the UI I can move files one at a time so I'm looking at other options for bulk transfer. Through windows explorer if I just copy and paste the files into a newly created folder the UI does not appear to reflect the change, same via visual studio. I've tried stopping and restarting the local jsreport server to see if that was the issue but it does not appear to be the case. Can you please advise the best way to accomplish the task.


  • I think I can see why, the shortid on the folder needs updating in the config.json file which only happens in the jsreport UI.

  • Yes, that is not nice.
    We will reconsider if we can better support folders moving through the file system.

  • Thank you, that would be a real help.

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