Save Excel to folder after render

  • I have a doubt. On the button click , i'll get the Excel Report . But at the same time after the render , i want to save the same excel to a specific folder.

    How can i do this ?

  • The button click and rendering is initiated by your system?
    In that case you get from jsreport api a stream and it is up to you what you do with it.
    In other words you are not limited in serving an excel to the client and at the same time copy the stream to a file.

    You an also use scripts extension and save to file in the afterRender hook.
    However I guess you want to do this at your client side.

  • @jan_blaha
    Hi , is it possible to save the excel itself.
    Example , When button clicked , the excel saved ( like demo.xlsx) . Now i want same excel to be saved on the jsreport server / or on the folder , where JSReport is running.
    Any code snippet or example would be helpful.

  • @jan_blaha Hi , is it possible to save the copy of the file that renders in the client side. On client side , the Excel is rendering as the response from the JS Report server .
    So i want to save the file / excel on the server ( before or after hopefully) .
    Any code snippets would be a great help.

    Thanks .

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