Client Side JS Report without Login

  • I'm using the JS Report on the client side .

        function myFunction() {
            var data = data
            jsreport.serverUrl = 'http://localhost:5000';
            var request = {
                template: {
                    shortid: "HJBAIagmN"
                data: data
            jsreport.render('_blank', request);

    My doubt was , how can i get the report from the JSreport when the auth is enabled in the JS Report server ( studio) .
    Since , every time the function runs , the login screen is popped & after the login the report is loaded.

    How can i

    • keep the auth / login in the studio

    • but the request from the client side can get report without login.

    Any possible ways .

  • Please see this snipped from the documentation

    It shows how you can add authorization header to the renderAsync calls.
    Note that the render function doesn't support adding auth header.

    //add custom headers to ajax calls
    jsreport.headers['Authorization'] = "Basic " + btoa("admin:password")
    //render through AJAX request and return promise with array buffer response
    jsreport.renderAsync(request).then(function(res) {
      //open in new window
      //get the content as string
      //open download dialog'test.pdf')

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