pdfAddPageItem and pdfCreatePagesGroup work fine using chrome-pdf and don't work using phantom-pdf

  • This code works in units using chrome-pdf, but doesn't work using phantom-pdf. Please, help. And if pdfAddPageItem and pdfCreatePagesGroup can be used in header/footer in phantom-pdf? please say how (thought I doubt about this possibillity)

    in units:

    {{{pdfAddPageItem age}}}

    {{#with (lookup $pdf.pages $pdf.pageIndex)}}
    This page is in the group with value {{{group}}}

    in main template:
    {{{pdfCreatePagesGroup name="Jan" age=33}}}
    {{{pdfAddPageItem name="Jan" age=33}}}

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  • Thank you.
    We will take a look if we can fix/support pdf items and groups with phantom-pdf

    And if pdfAddPageItem and pdfCreatePagesGroup can be used in header/footer in phantom-pdf?

    If you mean in the native phantom header? Then no. The pdf utils features were implemented to work instead of the native headers.

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  • Thank you for replying. Yes, I mean native header. So now is it impossible using pdfAddPageItem and pdfCreatePagesGroup in units in phantom-pdf ?

  • Maybe you know, is it possible in phantom-pdf making such a thing like a variable will be accessible in specific page? I mean, that after

    <div style="page-break-before: always";></div>

    I need that in units my custom header understands that it goes to new page.

  • I mean, is there anything like this for phantom-pdf ?

    $pdf: {
    // array representing pdf before the current operation started
    pages: [{
    // explained bellow
    items: [{}],
    group: {}

  • If everything works then it should be there when you use pdf utils with phantom the same as with chrome.
    We need to find out. Unfortunately, we are very busy with other stuff and phantom is currently not such priority.
    It is in our queue and I post here when we get to it.

    If it is possible, I recommend using chrome.

  • It is weird, but if I use pdf utils with phantom, $pdf.pages is always without items and group, but if I use with chrome-pdf - everything is okay.

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