2.3.0 Upgrade Issues

  • Hi! I'll start by saying that I love the new folder feature in 2.3.0 but I want to make you aware of some challenges that I've encountered since upgrading. One is pretty major because it results in the loss of data. This may be an environmental issue because I am seeing it running jsreport studio in Azure as a docker container with Azure blob storage as the store. I couldn't reproduce it locally with a file system store.

    I'll start with the simpler issue. I'm seeing empty folders automatically created. This seems to happen due to my naming convention. For example, if I have a template named "report" and one named "report_header" and a script named "report_script" in a folder, when jsreport studio restarts, I will see two empty folders created. One is named _script and the other is named _header. If I deleted them and restart, they will reappear. This happens in sub folders as well. I create subfolders to store child templates and related entities. In most cases, this is just a template and a script such as "child" and "child_script" which results in an empty _script folder as described above. HOWEVER, for a couple of the subfolders, I don't get the _script folder on a restart...instead, my childe_script will be deleted entirely. I checked the blob storage in Azure and the script is, in fact, deleted. Fortunately, I had an export and was able to recover my scripts but this is obviously a major concern.

    Another issue that I discovered in debugging this is that in my "assets" folder I have some fonts. Arial.woff, Calibri.woff and Calibri.woff2. It's worth nothing that on restart an empty folder named "2" is created like I described above. I wanted to test this locally so I exported everything an imported into my local jsreport studio using the file system as the store and the fonts don't import at all despite appearing to be in the export.zip.

    I realize this is a lot but I wanted to share everything that I'm seeing. Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist and resolving these...again, the data loss is my primary concern.

  • I am sorry to hear that and at the same time glad you had your backup.

    We will take a look at how the azure blob storage driver works with the folders and especially with your naming conventions.
    I come back here when I have some details.

    Thanks for submitting in details your issues.

  • I believe I fixed the bugs you mentioned.
    If you find a time, please check out the hotfix and let me know if you see other issues.


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