Load external css file in header result in blank header

  • I'm trying to build a pdf with a fancy header that use the same styles as the website.

    The header is working as long as I don't try to load external css file.
    I tried different way to load the external css

    • @import rule in a <style> tag
    • use a <link> tag to load the css

    Those 2 methods work when I load css in the"template->content"
    But if I try the exact same thing in "template->phantom->header" it result in a blank header.

    Loading an external file in the header seem to produce an error but I don't know how to debug that.

    Did someone else have run into this problem? If you managed to load an external css in your header, how did you do it?

  • Only inline styles are supported in phantomjs headers/footers.


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