Licensing and local jsreport server for development

  • Hi,

    We have thought about buying a license for jsreport. Yet we have a question about how the license works.

    Right now, our idea is going to use git to be able to import/export the jsreport proyect (stored in file system). We would like to apply the license in the server, but I don't know how that license "is stored" because with git we are retrieving all the config files (mainly because we can be certain that the unique ids are preserved) and I am afraid that, depending on how it's saved, whenever new data is pushed/pulled we might overwrite the license key and be in a huge mess.

    I read that we have dev servers for free, but I don't know if you mean that we have a jsreport online server (which is of no use for us) or we are given "free" keys for the development team to apply that license; or that we are free to just apply the same license key for all our development servers even (local, CI or whatever plus the only one in production).

    Any support on this would be kindly appreaciated. Thank you

  • Hi,

    please use the same license key also on your development machines.


  • Thanks!

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