Is there any plan to add Receipt for PowerPoint?

  • Hi There,

    I saw the receipt xlsx which is great. Is there any plan to add receipt for Powerpoint as well? Thank you!

  • Hi,

    no immediate plans. I think we will need to get more knowledge about what developers want before deciding how such recipe should work.

    We have recently shipped the recipe for docx which works differently then xlsx recipe
    We have also reimplemented the html-to-xlsx recipe.

    Now we would like to wait a bit before we get some feedback and decide which way is the best and which way we would take for powerpoint.

    Could you please shortly describe what kind of powerpoint generation you whant to do?
    Do you plan to upload a pptx template and just change lets say one line?
    Or do you want to create a pptx template and with several slides that will be used as styled sources which gets clonned and filled by the recipe?
    Or do you want to rather just have html which gets transformed into powerpoint slides?

  • Hi Jan,

    We are trying to convert a html page to one or more ppt slides. Ideally, it can apply the same rule as we convert a html page to PDF.
    One PDF page -> one slide. It can reduce some extra effort for us to convert a PDF to PPT file. Requirement is quite simple. Thank you!

  • Ok. Thank you. I submitted this feature request to our backlog so you can subscribe and be notified when we proceed.

  • Got it. Thank you!

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