Is jsreport online support jsreport-aws-s3-storage extension?

  • Hi,

    I want to upload report files to aws s3 services from jsreport online. How can i do that over jsreport online? Is there any sample code on playground? And i want to learn which extensions are supported on jsreport online?

    Thank you.

  • See this list of extensions here.
    The jsreportnoline actually stores the output reports in its aws s3. However, I believe you want to store it in your own.

    You can use jsreport custom script and afterRender hook to persist the output buffer using AWS s3 http API. I am not sure how complicate it is to use raw AWS s3 http API but it seems it should work. You can use nodejs native http module or request module in jsreport script.

  • Hi Jan,
    Yes I want to store in my aws account. I saw the aws-sdk under the dependencies on that link . After require aws-sdk i got the error below.
    (Error while executing user script. require of "aws-sdk" module has been blocked. Custom require of modules are not supported in jsreportonline.)

  • Yes, just some modules are enabled in jsreportonline and you can't use aws sdk package there.
    You can use just nodejs native http module or request package.

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