Add jsreport in dev-dependency while using jsreport -core in dependency

  • Hi,
    We are using jsreport-core in our project and want to use jsreport package for development using jsreport studio. So we have added jsreport-core as a dependency and jsreport as a dev-dependency.
    While trying to start jsreport server with 'jsreport' package as a dev dependency, it keeps picking jsreport-core to start the server instead of the jsreport package and it also fails to use the extensions and the configuration provided in jsreport.config.json.
    Below are the logs for the above :

    >resolving jsreport location..
    >no entry point was found, creating a default instance using: require("jsreport-core")()
    >starting jsreport..
    >jsreport successfully started

    If we add jsreport as a normal dependency or remove jsreport-core from our dependencies, it works fine.
    How can we avoid this and use jsreport package to start the server instead?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You shouldn't mix jsreport and jsreport-core together I think.
    If you have questions about jsreport-core, please use its github repository jsreport-core.

    This forum is for jsreport product users and we don't want to mix it here together.

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