ActiveX control gets removed

  • Hi,
    I'm using an xlsx template that has an ActiveX control, and I'm finding that it disappears when I run a report with the file.

    Are ActiveX controls not supported or is there a workaround for this issue?

  • administrators

    hi! we actually don't modify the xlsx file by our own. i mean we unzip the xlsx file, let you do some operations in the xlsx (with the help of handlebars helpers) and then we zip back the result. so my guess is that there is some action in your template that is altering or making corrupt the ActiveX controls, maybe you can try to put this in your template


    which effectly represents no operations/modifications in the xlsx, if doing that still result in the ActiveX control being removed then i guess there is a bug in our code (probably some encoding issue) and we will need to have your example to reproduce it.

  • Hi,
    Here is a stripped down template as you suggested.

    I ran the template, downloaded the xlsx, examined sheet1.xml and confirmed that the ActiveX control is now gone.

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