Condition inside Word template.

  • Hi , i'm using word template in JSReport . I've stuck with simple condition logic.
    I wanted to know how can we check two values inside the Word template.

    I've tried for Boolean checking i.e. {#anyvalue} --output-- {/anyvalue} , but i didn't get correct way of checking on values.

    For example
    {#anyvalue == "₹"}
    it's Rupees
    It's Dollars

    i'm not sure whether the highlighted code is in correct format or not

    Kindly suggest if anything i'm doing wrong.

  • @jan_blaha Hi , i have two JSON data ( same copy ) one inside the JsReport server and another is sent via request inside the HTML Page.
    The problem is , I've written condition inside the word template . When the Word template is linked with the JSON data which is inside the Server , then all condition are performing correctly ( i.e. hiding the values etc.) But if i link the JSON data from the HTML , then when the Word template is downloaded non of the condition are performed .
    Can i know how to fix this issue

  • You should send the input data in the data prop. Not inside the html. Check the API docs

          "template": { "shortid" : "g1PyBkARK"  },
          "data" : { ... }   

  • @jan_blaha Hi , as even sending the data in the "data" : { ... } , there is no difference in the word . None of the calculation are performing. I don't think its the data that causing the problem ( Since i have placing the data in certain position in the word as {#data}{firstname}{/data} which works absolutely fine ! ) . But I'm stuck with the conditions , as i said when i run the same template on the JSReport server. it works completely fine with all simple conditions working. But when send api req from HTML page , i'll get the same word but none of the calculation are performing !.

    I tried to replicate it in the JSReport playground but i didn't find the docx template handelbars.

  • @jan_blaha I've tried to replicate a simple overview of the problem , hope that helps .

    First I've created a word with the following code.

    I should not come since by default value is false 
    I should come when I view in the JSReport sever / when the test word is downloaded from API 

    and in the server with the data values linked.

        "firstname":"Pradeep A",

    this will show like this .

    When in the HTML page with the following code

               function mysubmission() {
                jsreport.serverUrl = 'http://localhost:5488';
                var request = {
                    template: {
                        shortid: "HkgSfSTjnN"
                    data: {"firstname":"Pradeep A","value":false}

    When the word is downloaded it will show like this.


    Suggest me if i'm doing any mistake.

  • Please use renderAsync in your browser client instead.
    The render function probably changes false to string "false".
    This is because it uses the html form submit which doesn't reflect bool types.

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