Pricing for running jsreport in multiple availability zones at AWS

  • Hi.
    I'm running jsreport in a container at AWS ECS. My application containers are replicated in three availability zones as per recommendation for such a setup. But jsreport is in only one zone.

    Can I put my jsreport container in three zones within the "Enterprise plan"? Or is this what the "Enterprise Scale" is for? In that case it would be great with a middle ground, i.e. "Enterprise 3xAZ" for those who want to setup a resilient environment but are not interested in setting up "infinite" servers.

  • The enterprise plan is per jsreport instance. If you have jsreport in 3 containers in 3 zones and it boots up in all of them, you need 3 licenses.
    The scale license is here to simplify such scenarios. You get one license key and you don't have to worry how many instances you run.

    We may consider in the future an extra license plan for the (hot) servers that aren't actually used and just ready to jump in.
    However, for now, we have it in the simple two options form

    • enterprise license - per instance
    • enterprise scale license - infinite

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