Install phantom-pdf without npm

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to install the phantom-pdf recipe to jsreport 2 without npm?


  • What is your issue with using npm?
    You can npm install jsreport-phantom-pdf on another ps (same os) and then copy the node_modules to the machine where you want to run it.

  • The target machine is unable to have node package installed on it. Is it still possible to run a node instance jsreport when the target machine does not have the packages installed via npm?

    Also, our ideally the target machine will have the server run as a service. Attempting this locally with the npm installation returns this message: "To install app as windows service you need to have a "start" script or a "main" field in package.json file". Could you share more info about that?

    Many thanks as always!

  • You can prepare your application locally using npm and then copy the directory of your application to the target server.
    No need to have npm there.

    Not sure what is wrong with installing windows service. Do you follow these steps exactly? Try it again in the empty directory.

  • Got it working locally - the reinstall worked.

    When I attempt to install/run the instance on the target machine, though, the terminal responds with "jsreport is not a recognized internal or external command". There is no exe in this file structure.

    Is there a file to run hidden somewhere in the node_modules?

  • you can run this on the target server

    node server.js

    If you don't have nodejs installed there, you can take the node.exe from you local installation and upload it together with your app.

  • Apologies, as I'm pretty inexperienced with Node.

    I've taken the node.exe file from C:\Program Files\nodejs and placed it in the jsreport folder. It is in the same directory as server.js, data, node_modules, etc.
    Running the command "node server.js" from the cmd prompt yields the response "cannot find module 'semver'.

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