Saving report to FS / MongoDB

  • I've been trying to explore jsreport-core. I've been using jsreport-handlebars with chrome-pdf recipe for generating pdfs. What I'd appreciate help in figuring out is how to use jsreport-fs-store or mongodb-store to save the generated reports in file system or in Mongo with a custom name for each report. All examples somehow just focus only on retrieving templates.

    Is there any example for such usage?

  • administrators

    hi! right now we don't have specific examples that uses just jsreport-core.

    however here are some steps that you need to do:

    the best will be to add jsreport-fs-store or jsreport-mongodb-store and configure your instance to use it, then you can add jsreport-reports extensions that is designed to store the reports on the configured blobStorage of your instance, you can configure the blobStorage to be based on the file system (fs-store) or in mongodb (mongodb-store), you just need to specify it in your config. then when you are rendering make sure to pass the options needed to save the generated report.

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