How to turn off preview mode?

  • Preview mode says it will send my documents to your office account to be previewed. How do I turn this off?

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    hi! is the option previewInExcelOnline: false mentioned here not working?

  • @bjrmatos does that work for all document types? I'm not using excel documents. I'm using docxtemplater which is giving me a docx and then I'm using unoconv to turn that into a PDF. I'm pretty sure what I'm looking at is a PDF in the preview. I will try your suggestion, though.

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    ah ok, i assumed the most common case of office documents (which is excel).

    if you are using docxtemplater + unoconv then nothing is send to our server, because what you see in the preview is just a PDF file served from your local.

    however if you are using docxtemplater alone the preview is a word file that is send to our server because we need that to server the file to office online, in that case you can disable it with { "extensions": { "docxtemplater": { "previewInWordOnline": false } } } (it is not mentioned in docs.. we will add it)

  • Oh! Ok, I didn't realize that. Just assumed it was sending it to office online. Thanks.

  • Can we also update the docs to include the setting for the docx recipe please? Thank you in advance

  • @manemal Every office-based extension now links general documentation for configuring the preview
    Note it is valid for jsreport 2.6.0

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