win-install reports error of no "start" or "main" script in package.json

  • Hello, I'm trying to install jsreports as a service. I get this from the console

    jsreport win-install
    Platform is win32
    To install app as windows service you need to have a "start" script or a "main" field in package.json file

    So then I tried to remedy it by adding the following to my package.json

      "scripts": {
        "start": "jsreport start"

    But that doesn't work either because the event view reports the following from nssm:

    Failed to start service jsreport-server.  Program jsreport couldn't be launched. CreateProcess() failed: The system cannot find the file specified.

    JS Report CLI version:

    jsreport --version
    cli version: 2.0.7

    Can someone help me on what should be in my package.json to get this working correctly?


  • administrators

    i'm not really sure what files you have in your project, but assuming that the entry point of your app is server.js then you can use "start": "node server.js".

    just FYI in case you start a new project, you can do it with jsreport init which creates the package.json with the "scripts" configured properly.

  • Ah, okay I ran jsrpeport init again in an empty directory and I saw the start script does get created. Sorry about that, I must have screwed something up along the way.

    Love the product by the way keep up the good work!

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