Missing files in jsreport

  • Hi,
    we have installed jsreport in azure and we are following folder structure for each and every reports and it has many files inside each folder(css,data,template for main,header and header).The problem is alternate couple of weeks we are missing some files in every reports(folder)...it would be really great ,if you guide us to fix this missing files issue before we deploy jsreport into the production.
    Thanks in advance!

  • What template store do you use (file system, sql, azure blobs...)?
    Are you able to replicate losing the files?

    I'm not sure we can help to recover the missing files if you don't have an export of templates or a backup of your template store.

  • Hi, We are using azure blob storage in our case.
    yes, we have the backup, but we were wondering about missing files issue ....for why and how its happening!?
    did anyone came across this same missing files issues in Jsreport? if so, how to fix this?

  • That is hard to tell. There were some bugs in azure blob storage driver but these were already fixed some time ago.

    Please try open azure blob storage container (in portal or in a tool) on one side
    and open jsreport studio on the other side and do your common edit operations.
    Always check if some files are lost in the blobs that shouldn't be.

    Hopefully, you will be able to replicate the issue and give us more hints.

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