Condition and CSS Styles

  • Why i set condition to css styles is not change. When i config is OK
    ![config css](0_1562746310520_upload-c0d9404b-db76-4a62-b961-d975987f160c url)

    ![Condition](0_1562746399175_upload-10d9e7e5-cc29-464f-b9a6-c2d8d8907e41 image url)

  • administrators

    i think you just need to change your call to triple brackets (because looks like handlebars is escaping some things): {{{getMeta H24}}}

    but also maybe it is good idea that you just return the class name (and return empty string when the condition is false) in your helper and do the call in this way <td class="{{getMeta H24}}"> , just a tip

  • thank you sir now is ok when i adjust to: {{{getMeta H24}}}

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